Essential F-Words

The 117 Things You Need to Know Before Graduation

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About the Author

Scott Grates is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant and, most importantly, a husband and father of three. Raised in a lower-middle-class family, Scott was forced to educate himself and build a successful career one mistake at a time. Throughout his life Scott has worked his way up to national recognition in four different industries, personally proving his common denominators to success principle true.

In Essential F-Words for Teens, Scott shares valuable real-world lessons that aren’t taught in school but are crucial for his children—and all teens—to know before graduating high school. The book is designed to create awareness of specific crossroads that each child will inevitably face at some point during their journey. As a father of three, Scott also recognizes the struggle for parents to create meaningful conversations with their teens. This book was written just as much for the parents of teens so they can lean into dialogue with their children they may not otherwise have had.

Scott Grates
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker

Book Sections

Each section of the book focuses on a single F-Word. Together they form a complete roadmap to help guide you into adulthood.


Section 1: Failure

It's NOT a bad thing. Failures offer you feedback for future improvements.


Section 2: Faith

Believing good things will happen even when you don't know how, when, or why.


Section 3: Foundational Habits

Taking control of what you can control and consistently getting the little things right.


Section 4: Friends

You become the sum of those you spend time with.


Section 5: Family

Those who always have your back no matter what.


Section 6: Forgiveness

Forget the past, move towards a fantastic future.


Section 7: Finances

The power of compounding interest and the debilitating nature of debt.


Section 8: Fitness

You get one mind and body; it's a work in progress, but it works better when well cared for.


Section 9: Future You

The choices you make today will create a happy, healthy, loving, and giving version of you that will live happily ever after.


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What Readers Say About the Book

Essential F-Words has quickly become an Amazon best seller.

Scott has a way of communicating through the book in a very powerful way in how he is talking to his son... but he could be talking to anyone."

-Matt Z
Amazon Reviewer

I wish this was around when I was leaving the nest! What a great source of encouragement! Straightforward and written from the heart! Highly recommend!

Amazon Reviewer

Scott nails it in this book! Scott takes the job of Fatherhood and the things that a good father should want to ensure their children know before they leave home and puts it into its simplest form. Every teen should read this before spreading their wings.

-Brent H
Amazon Reviewer

I read entire book and was so intrigued about the content I went over highlights with my 15 year old granddaughter before gifting it to her. I will be purchasing another for my 12 year old grandson. The information in the book is long overdo and should help many students throughout their high school years and beyond!

-Kathy T
Amazon Reviewer

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